Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up for Fax to Email?

A: Click here
Q: What will I pay for this service?
A: A once off R95-00 registration/license fee and R25-00 per month
thereafter.This will include SMS software valued at over R1000 free! Plus we
will throw in 75 SMS credits just to get you going! Cancel whenever you want!
"Order here!"
(all of the above prices exclude VAT)
Q: Once I have registered, how long until I can receive faxes on my DIGIFAX number?
A: within 2 working days of receipt of your signed debit order.
Q: The faxes I receive are typically 10 - 12 pages long. How large will the file be?
A: 10 full pages = 600kb (60Kb per page)
Q: What format will I receive the fax attachment in?
A: The fax attachment will be in a TIF bitmap image format.
Q: if I order, am I bound by any period in the contract?
A: No, all we ask is that you give 3 months notice when you cancel to give you a chance to cancel your number with all your clients, before we re-issue it.
Q: Will I require special software to view my faxes?
A: No, all Windows based operating systems have a standard image viewer. Click on this link for more information.
Q: How do I test Fax to Email before registering?
A: Click Here for a demo.
Q: Does my computer have to be turned on to receive faxes?
A: No, as with standard emails, your incoming faxes are stored on your Internet Service Providers server until you have downloaded your email.
Q: Is there a limit to the number of faxes I can receive?
A: An unlimited number of faxes can be received on any of your 0867 Fax to Email numbers at no extra cost.
Q: If two people send me a fax at the same time, will one of them get a busy signal?
A: No, you can receive up to 300 faxes simultaneously on a single DIGIFAX number.
Q: How do I forward a received fax to one or more people?
A: You would forward the fax attachment as with any other email.
Q: Can I send electronic documents from my e-mail to a fax machine?
A: Yes, once you have your DIGIFAX number you can send electronic documents, scanned documents and images as an attachment to your e-mail to any fax machine in the world."
Q: How much do I pay when using Email to Fax?
A: For Email to Fax call rates select one of the links below:

PDF Format
  • Fax to Email Information (185Kb)

  • Need Winzip, download here. Need Adobe Reader, download here.

    Click here to order your DIGIFAX lines Order form.
    Q: Will my email address/addresses be given or sold to a third party.
    A: No, under no circumstances will any of our clients email addresses or details be made available to a third party.



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