Downloads (All downloads on this site are available below).
  All documents in .PDF format, should you require Acrobat Reader, download from link 5 below.
1. DigiFax Fax to Email Information (192KB)
  This document explains how digital faxing works .
2. Outbound Fax Rates
  Rates when sending emails to a fax machine.
3. DigiFax Debit Order (17KB)
  Please complete in full and fax back to (086) 677 3223.
4. Terms and Conditions (36KB)
  Download our Standard Terms and Conditions at the above link.
5. Acrobat Reader Ver 6
  Allows the user to view and print .PDF documents.
6. Winzip (1.8MB)
  Compress and uncompress digital media.
7. WinSMS (884KB)
  Free software which allows you to send single or bulk SMS messages from your PC to Vodacom, MTN and CellC networks. Includes 75 free SMS's.



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